You Are Stronger Than You Realize Book – Coming Soon

You Are Stronger Than You Realize Book

– Coming Soon

On Oct 2, 2020 I ended up having emergency brain surgery and was diagnosed with Glioblastoma…the neurosurgeon told me later that this cancer was… Incurable. Fear took over me and I felt HOPELESS. I’ve always wanted to help others, so if NOT now then when? My healing journey began right then in that moment.

It took me 6 months of diving in deep, cleaning out my dustpan and beginning an emotional roller coaster filled with so many emotions. 7 people (I call them holistic superstars!) came forward to help me through this journey. My latest MRI showed no more cancer growing in my body. Now that was an incredible feeling! 

healing cancer journey

This book is my story of how I have been through cancer, not just once but 4 times. I thought I had learned my lessons, however I still had more to learn and I am sharing this story with those who want to hear it. I want people to know how they can heal their life too and start to manifest a new incredible future. We are the authors of our own story. All the people involved have also shared in more detail what they do and their stories, because everyone has one!

My hope is to provide HOPE!!! I remember how it felt getting diagnosed and I don’t want anyone else to feel that way. I truly want to inspire others and have so many plans on how to get this book out there.


Tanya West Glioblastoma