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About Me

About Me

Why I Do What I Do?

Why am I so passionate about helping others succeed in life and business?

In 2004 I had left my job as a software developer because I hadn’t been feeling well for a few years. I thought it was most likely stress but finally after many tests I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 30 and went through surgery, 6 months of chemotherapy and 17 days of radiation treatment. I knew I was sick before this diagnosis but no one knew what was wrong with me. It took me getting to the point of not being able to breathe properly that I was sent to the emergency by my chiropractor.  Crazy right?

As if that experience wasn’t enough, as soon as I was finished my chemotherapy treatments my mother told me her breast cancer had returned. She had battled it on and off for 6 years and sadly, this time around…a year later she lost her battle with cancer.  I didn’t know what to do with myself, I had never lost someone so close to me. No time to celebrate that I was now cancer free, I sunk into a depression. Crying myself to sleep every night for 6 months.

The good that came from this, is that in trying to help my mom I had started researching cancer and all aspects of health in order to help her. Losing her fueled my fire to learn as much as I could about holistic nutrition and the keys to essential health. I enrolled in several health courses and worked at a health store to learn even more.

After some time passed I began working as a business consultant, helping new entrepreneurs in their first year of business. This lit my inner entrepreneurial spirit within me. I loved seeing them succeed and I also learned the path to failure for many of them too. You have to know how to set yourself up for success and I saw what was working and what wasn’t. A lot of it came from their passion for what they were doing.

A few years later, I ended up having another issue. I had developed some breast lumps and after a few doctors visits, I knew without a doubt what I wanted to do. I had seen my mother fight her cancer on and off for 6 years, I didn’t want to go through this myself again, so I made the decision to have a double mastectomy. It was a preventative procedure and it was my choice. I had a family history, had radiation already on my chest and now new lumps that would have to be monitored for the rest of my life. I have no regrets about my decision. It was the right choice FOR ME. It was a lengthy process which resulted in 3 reconstructive surgeries over a few years but I never doubted my decision.

I had made a choice that my health was going to come first; I wanted to be the best me I could be.

I started working with a company in the digital marketing industry and learned so much in 3 years it is incredible. I loved being able to work from home and follow my passion for helping others succeed in their own lives. Now a self employed business owner I get to combine both my passions together. Whether your goal is to get healthy, get more productive or have someone help take away the stress of tech…you are in the right place!

My mission is to provide you with the knowledge I have learned in business and in health so that you can incorporate this into your life to be the best version of yourself.  Feed your body the right fuels it needs, keep your mind happy and do the things that set your soul on fire and follow your dreams. 

Life is too short to be anything less than amazing!

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My Core Goal

To inspire others on my journey to living the best life I can. My approach is to share my knowledge with you so you have the necessary tools to lay down a solid healthy and productive foundation starting today.

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