There are 5 items you NEED to have on your website. Are you ready to do this? Heck yes!

If you don’t know me yet, I’m Tanya West, cancer thriver, nutritional consultant, holistic cancer practitioner and I’m a techy with a background in computer science, with a passion for helping wellpreneurs. 

I used to be a business consultant working with new startups and it inspired me to be my own boss so that is what I do now. I am a website developer and startup mentor for Wellpreneurs.

Here we go! 5 must haves for your website.

Your website is the front door to your business. When you give people your business card or connect with someone in any other way…what is typically the first thing they do?  They look you up online or ask what your website is so they can learn more about you. 

  1. They show up at your door, your website.
  2. They take a look at your front page and within 20 seconds decide if they want to enter your house or look next door.
  3. We need to give them a reason to stay and come on in and work with us. Let’s have coffee…sit and stay awhile, let’s get to know each other.
  4. Question is – how do we do that? 

Today we are going to talk about storytelling in your business and using a lead generating strategy to get your potential client to take action on your website. We want them to do something for us. That’s a big ask when they don’t know you very well, right? If we just met, would you buy from me if I said I have this program, it’s $897, wanna join?

What would you want to know first prior to buying?


How can we do this? 

Always keep in mind, we need to build the know, love, trust factor.

  1. Be Clear (a confused customer doesn’t buy) Remember you have about 20 seconds to let them know who you are, what you do, and how can you help them. Make is EASY for them to figure this out QUICKLY. 
  • People who come to your site are going to do a quick SCAN so lots and lots of text…are they going to read it? Do you? Hmmm nope!
  • Highlight key points (bold text or italic) so they can easily scan your site and see if you are they right person for the job. 
  • If you are not sure about your content, maybe consider hiring a content writer to help you out.
  • Caution: Be careful with images underneath text…the user should be able to read the text that is on top of the image. Use a lighter image underneath or use an overlay over the image to make it lighter/darker.
  • Headers – large…subheadings smaller…content smaller…easy reading.
  • Colors/branding – think about your color scheme BEFORE you design your site. For example reds are not the best color because they usually represent…warning…stop…danger…using black as a background…make sure people can read your TEXT clearly.

2. Need a Main CTA – (What is the purpose of your website?) 1 action!

What do you want your customer to do, you want to inspire them to take action. You got them on your website…now what? So, where do you want to lead them?

People buy from pain or pleasure. Which way do you want to go with them? Whichever you decide, be sure to lead them 1 way so they can follow you down the yellow brick road.

Some example Call to Actions are to book a call with you, buy something, join something.

You can have a secondary CTA….to download a freebie…a way to warm them up(this is a sales funnel tactic) get them to know you better. (usually a higher priced product/service)

If you have too many options …it creates confusion = no action. We want to lead them down the hallway into 1 room where they can make a decision = take action. If they aren’t ready to do that…then lead them into a second room so they can learn more and build a stronger relationship with you first. Know, love …trust factor.

3. Build Trust with Testimonials – Using social proof to show you do good work. People like to hear from other people about your work so they can trust you, even though they may not know you. 

Video testimonials are best. Easy to watch. If not a video, just a couple lines of testimonial is all that is needed. Don’t make them too long. If you can add a picture of the person beside the testimonial, that’s great…makes it more real!

A few in a group is great…not too many all together. Spread it out or create a testimonial video with several in the video. I’ve see a few of those that work really well.

Google reviews is another great way to build trust. You can offer people a chance to win a gift card by entering a google review. People like incentives so give them a reason to give you a few minutes of their time.

4. Be Authentic – People can often get caught up in impostor syndrome. “Who am I to be doing this?”

Always be yourself, don’t try to be someone you are not. People want to connect with you on an emotional level. Let them love you or your brand. If you are not the same person online as offline, this isn’t going to be a good thing. 

Your “About us” section is a great way to do this. Why should they choose you? Share your story and your why. Your WHY is powerful (I always share my cancer story, it’s why I am so passionate about health). 

People can see through you if you are trying to be someone you are not. 

Think about what makes you unique, what quirks do you have, why would someone be interested in working with you specifically. Funny, sarcastic, brutally honest. 

You will naturally attract your tribe when you are being yourself. Your audience isn’t EVERYONE. Let me say that again…your audience isn’t everyone.

5. Great content –  This is good for SEO(Search Engine Optimization), use keywords but not too many so your site sounds weird, write as if you are having a conversation with someone (google likes that = readability factor). Show value, show how you can help them.  Don’t use too much content, they won’t read it and can get overwhelmed easily. 

Your content again should be CLEAR, not too wordy and not go over their head. You might get what you mean but your user may not. Talk like they are a 4th grader.

Can ask your friend to give your site and read and get feedback. This is a great way to know what someone thinks about your site. What direction you want them to go and what action you want them to take should be easy to figure out.

Why do you follow people? Great content? Write down 3 reasons why and then see how you can improve in these areas.

Bonus tip! – Be Mobile friendly, test it out. Sometimes what works for desktop, doesn’t work for mobile. Ex. font too small, image doesn’t fit quite right. You may need to alter the mobile version.

That’s all I have for today, remember to keep it simple!

If you have questions about websites, feel free to contact me at I also have just launched a business program called 321 launch your business which covers, niche, mindset, offer, online presence, website needs, sales funnels and marketing. Let’s chat and see if it is a good fit for you!