I help wellness business owners create an unique online presence and make an impact online

“I’m a techy so you don’t have to be!”

I help wellness business owners create an unique online presence and make an impact online

 I help wellness business owners create an unique online presence and make an impact online

Are you tired of being frustrated and overwhelmed

with tech trying to build your business?

It feels like you are busy all day, stuck in the struggle
and you are NOT
making the sales you want.
If you’re a wellness business owner wanting to make more money, and
you’re looking for an easier, more effective strategy that doesn’t take up all your time, I can help.

I was there too!

I want to offer you a Done For You Option!

And not only that I am here to support you too.

As a business tech strategist and wellness expert,
I have developed a powerful process to get you to business success.



In our 3 months together, we will focus on the essentials of building a business strategy.


We will take a look at your goals, your target client, how to build your brand and the tools required to market yourself online – just to name a few – while simultaneously working to develop daily habits around mindset, building confidence to make you the business boss you were meant to be!


The result?


An unstoppable, irresistible entrepreneur,
ready to transform your business and other peoples lives!

AND you don’t have to do it Solo…I’ve got you.

“I am excited for 2020. This is the first year in the last 3 that I feel confident in not only myself, but my abilities and what I have learned, and as a result what I know. I now have a vision for my business (most of that success is thanks to you and your guidance and teaching in 3-2-1 Launch Your Business as well as website) and feel I am in a much better place to bring that vision to life. I have big plans for 2020 and that centers on significant business growth.

I now feel I am in a position to accomplish this.”


Janet Olson.ca

What do I Bring To The Table?

If you don’t know me, I’m Tanya West!  A cancer thriver and introvert who loves being creative with my work and I’m a techy nerd too(which is cool btw). Having worked in the digital marketing industry the past 4 years, I can share with you what works online to grow your business!

As a business consultant, I have worked with over 300 new startups and over 800 online businesses in the virtual world. I have seen what sets a company up for success and the formula for failure and I’m sharing that with you too. We CAN do this together and get you real RESULTS.

In my last job we reached $1 Million in Sales in under 2 years. I would love to see you get there too.

 I can promise that with my mentoring and guidance you WILL shift from overwhelmed to clear, focused, motivated, supported and confident!


If you are ready to learn how to:

✔️ Find out what you’ve been missing when it comes to building your brand

✔️ Turn your overwhelmed chaos into productive genius

✔️ Save time by having a business coach build your personal roadmap to success

✔️ Create a new thriving, happy and successful YOU!

What’s Included?

1 to 1 Coaching Calls

Weekly Business Coaching Calls 

5 Page WordPress website

Designed Using Divi Builder 

Social media branding

Stand out online with a cohesive brand throughout your social media platforms

Bookkeeping Basics

What to track when it comes to bookkeeping for your business.

What if you could have the wellness business and freedom you desire?

How would that feel?




This Offer is for you if:

You are a healer, health coach, wellness coach, or wellness business looking to make a change and scale your business, yet you are not so tech savvy and want business coaching and to be a part of a supportive community of fellow health based entrepreneurs!

Being around like minded people can explode your business!

I am super grateful to Tanya for taking my “busy” website and simplifying it to the eye. She has a natural instinct in making things flow easily and always has the end user in mind. She made me think out of my comfortable little box and opened my eyes to what my clients would be looking for, and what they wouldn’t be looking for too!

Tanya was flexible and always accessible which can be hard to find nowadays. She was quick to respond and had great ideas. She really knows how to build and manage online businesses and has fun with it too! I think that is the best part, and it comes through in how she communicates with her clients and ultimately in the end product.

I am thankful to have handed this project over to Tanya, worry free. It was definitely one of the best gifts to myself!


I’ve seen the DIY struggles and how much it actually will cost you. You can hire a business coach or a tech guru and pay over $5000 or we can do this together with me by your side every step of the way!

So, are you ready?

Tanya is an incredible strong woman both inside and out. From book smarts to life “street” smarts she is someone who is truly able to connect to people and is always there for words of encouragement or offer help, suggestions and knowledge. That is clearly her passion and she is great at it!